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André Price has over fifteen years' experience appearing in the media and is available for TV and Radio appearances.  As an entertainer, historian  and performer he has participated in a wide variety of television programs, films and documentaries. André's in-depth historical knowledge also means that he is often called upon to provide first hand commentary, advice and support. In addition André offers consultancy and assistance for documentary makers, researchers, film crews and journalists visiting London for historical related productions and articles.

Year Medium Role Title of Production Production Company Director

2011 TV Contestant Deal or No Deal Endemol Richard Van't Riet

2010 TV Expert Guest Jack the Ripper Eerie Investigations Ian Pleasance

2008 TV Interviewee Channel 4 News ITN Nicolas Wall

2005 TV Purchaser Sun, Sea & Bargain Spotting Reef Television Alex Reed

2003 TV Expert Guest Brainstorm Voya TV & Media Paul Stabb

2002 Video Presenter Ripper's Footsteps Weaver Productions Rich Weaver

2001 TV Supporting Artist Dream Team Hewland/Sky One Neil Armstrong

2001 TV Supporting Artist Goal Hewland/BBC Henry Foster

2001 TV Supporting Artist Family Affairs Thames/Grundy Nicholas Ferguson

2000 Film Background The Final Curtain DNA FilmsPatrick Harkins

2000 Film Background Born Romantic BBC/Kismet Film Co. David Kane

2000 Video Contestant Blind Date - Greatest Hits Warner Ian Hamilton

2000 TV  Supporting Artist Dirty Work Alomo Productions Douglas Mackinnon

1999 Film Background Snatch Columbia Guy Ritchie

1999 TV Show Participant Everyman BBC1 Jane Green

1999 TV Expert Guest, Michael Cole Independent Image David Wickham

1998 Film Blind Date Clip Girls' Night Granada Nick Hurran

1998 TV Contestant Blind Date Classics LWT Derek Wheeler

1997 TV Contestant The Blind Date Exclusive LWT Derek Wheeler

1996 TV Show Participant Who's Sorry Now? UK Living Bruce Burgess

1996 TV Expert Guest Tribe HTV Wales Dafydd Wyn

1996 TV Expert Guest Don't Look Back! BBC One Wales James Pedr

1995 TV Expert Guest The Time, The Place Anglia TV Wendy Dyer

1995 TV Contestant Blind Date LWT John Gorman